How to Choose the Right Car for Yourself or Your Family

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Congratulations, Aundrea!

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Buying Safely: Why Members Auto Choice?

Members AutoChoice has been providing top-quality vehicles to Credit Union members since 2003. While much has changed since the beginning, both within our company and the auto industry in general, we … [Read more...]

Collateral Protection Insurance: Do I need this?

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Keep the Environment Safe: Zero Emission Vehicles

A healthier environment is what we as Americans all must strive to achieve.  Lately, on my commute to work, I have noticed more and more Zero Emission Vehicles, or ZEVs, on the road.  These vehicles … [Read more...]

Tire Selection is Complicated! Let MAC solve the mystery.

Tires are one of the most technologically sophisticated systems on any automobile. They are a primary factor in the overall comfort and performance of your vehicle. While they don't exactly come in … [Read more...]